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A Freelance Web Designer that Thinks Differently

My name is Alexander Kulevatov and I’m a professional freelance web designer and developer located in Belgium.
I offer an appealing alternative to a traditional firm: you get a web design of similar or superior quality with faster turnaround times, increased attention to detail, and more personal and responsive customer service.

True Visual Design

Good visual design is intentional. It has the power to create subtle and unspoken appeal that makes the transition from browsing to buying seamless. It’s emotive, easy to understand, memorable and can nudge people towards a desired action.

As humans, we’re pretty good at remembering pictures over words or numbers. Memory experts have suggested that if you hear a piece of information, three days later you’ll remember just 10% of it. But if you add a picture, you’ll remember 65%. A picture really is worth a thousand words.
Individual approach

Individual approach

I individually approach the wishes of the customer. Before starting design work, we discuss everything, even the smallest details. This helps me determine the stages of work to achieve an effective result. The main goal is that the customer is satisfied with the work done. Everyone has their own preferences and desires, I am moving in the direction of obtaining the maximum result for my customer
Additional Support


Even if you have a limited marketing budget, it pays to invest in good graphic design. Cheap design often means poor design. And poorly designed graphics can be expensive. That may sound counterintuitive, but without the expertise of a professional graphic designer you may end up with a product that does not print clearly, is expensive to print due to color management or layout problems, or is not formatted properly for print or online publishing. Changes, delays and redesigns cost money, so that cheaper crowdsourced logo you bought may end up costing you more than one from the higher-priced experienced graphic designer.


You can view examples of my work. My work is done in a modern style. Each customer was satisfied with the work I have done.
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Work example image #2
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Pricing a product is one of the cornerstone decisions you’ll make as a business owner. The pricing model you choose impacts virtually every part of your business. Check out the prices for my work.

Logo Design

Logo design is a branding and marketing tool that can be used to signify a business. Put simply:your logo represents your business brand
from 135 EUR
2 days


I help you create meaningful banners for the people most likely to care about your business.
from 99 EUR
1 days

Web design

Web design is what creates the overall look and feel when you're using a website. It's the process of planning and building the elements of your website
from 200 EUR
5 days


Before starting work, I build a plan and stages of work. This will help me to make a clear organization in my work and complete the work with the highest quality and on time.

Conversation with the customer

The initial stage involves a conversation with the customer, getting his preferences and desires.

Details discussion

I use the received information to create stages of work.

Design selection

I select the most suitable design for maximum efficiency of the work performed.


After all the work done, i find the most effective result with the least resource consumption


I am are almost always in touch. Contact me if you have questions or additional suggestions.


When I create professional designs for my clients, I get a lot of feedback about me. Some of them you can see below. Positive feedback always motivates me to achieve the most effective result.
Adam Barrington
Adam Barrington
Repeatedly used the services, the effectiveness of his work allowed me to increase traffic to my site by 20%, according to statistics. The attractiveness of the design has a place to be
Lilly Gilson
Lilly Gilson
Our company is directly connected with customers. Using the services of this site, we were able to achieve the attractiveness of our project
Edison Francis
Edison Francis
I like this man's approach to work. It is easy for me to work with him and every time I get effective results.
Jenny Arthurs
Jenny Arthurs
We ordered a banner for our new project. The work was done quickly and efficiently. The most important thing is that we got an excellent result of the work.